Yoni Ultimate Bundle

Apothecary By Mariza
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Bundle up and try it all!

This bundle includes

1 Steam seat

2 Yoni Steams (2 month supply) Rebalance and Soothing (OUR BEST SELLERS)

1 month supply of Yoni Pearls.

1 Luxury Yoni Soap

2 Tightening Gels

1 Yoni Oil - Exclusive Blend

**Rainbow Yoni pictured here has been discontinued  

This bundle will get your started on the road to self care. I suggest starting with the Yoni pearls. Run all three cycles, take a break for a week. Then you will start steaming every week except the week of your period.

You can use the Yoni soap in the shower (I also suggest your partner uses it.) After every shower you can apply the yoni oil. Rub the oil on the outside of your vagina. You can put it everywhere hair would grow on your vagina. Do not insert internally into your vaginal canal. 

Individual descriptions on all product can be found on their pages. Do not use if you are pregnant, suspect you may be pregnant or have an IUD. Do not use if you are a virgin as the steam and pearls could break your hymen.