Yoni Oil (vaginal oil) - Apothecary By Mariza
Yoni Oil - EXCLUSIVE BLEND - Apothecary By Mariza
Yoni Oil (vaginal oil) - Apothecary By Mariza
Yoni Oil (vaginal oil) - Apothecary By Mariza
Yoni Oil (vaginal oil) - Apothecary By Mariza
Yoni Oil (vaginal oil) - Apothecary By Mariza
Yoni Oil (vaginal oil) - Apothecary By Mariza
Yoni Oil (vaginal oil) - Apothecary By Mariza
Yoni Oil (vaginal oil) - Apothecary By Mariza
Yoni Oil (vaginal oil) - Apothecary By Mariza
Yoni Oil (vaginal oil) - Apothecary By Mariza


Apothecary by Mariza
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Apothecary by Mariza Feminine Oil is a blend of essential oils that serve several beneficial purposes for our lovely lady down stairs. Designed to honor, the most sacred parts of you. It is a beautiful mix of organic herbal oils that be can used daily on external intimate area and as a personal massage oil. The PH levels of your yoni can be altered by things as simple as stress, diet, fluctuating hormones and even partners we choose to be intimate with. Healing Yoni Oil helps to combat this by maintaining and balancing your natural PH levels while making you feel your best!


Yoni Oil Benefits

Apothecary by Mariza Feminine Oil can provide a an array of different benefits. It can double as body oil, massage oil, or after shave lotion. Yoni oil uses are very numerous! Here are a few of the most common benefits of yoni oil that users enjoy.

  • Eliminates Chronic Infections

    Many yoni oils contain powerful antibacterial ingredients like neem, which works to discourage bad bacteria, or tea tree oil, also a natural antibacterial as well as an anti-fungal, making it particularly effective against recurring yeast infections or bacterial vaginosis (BV).

  • Boosts Moisture

    Vaginal dryness is a common result of stress, hormonal health issues, and can even occur as a natural result of aging. Increased moisture is one of the primary benefits of yoni oil, which is why many include powerful natural moisturizers like aloe and coconut oil.

  • Prevents Ingrown Hairs

    For those susceptible to pesky ingrown hairs, the regular application of a yoni oil infused with essential oils boasting antibacterial and soothing anti-inflammatory properties can act as both treatment and prevention. These include tea tree, chamomile and lavender.

  • Soothes Itching

    Whether the result of dry skin, hair regrowth, friction, or susceptibility to infection, many women cope with regular vaginal itching. Common yoni oil ingredients like calendula, chickweed, and plantain work to soothe and reduce itching while facilitating natural healing.

  • Relieves Pain And Inflammation

    If you’re suffering from pain, irritation, or general inflammation, yoni oil ingredients like comfrey work to increase cell turnover, relieve pain, and bring down inflammation. Peppermint oil is also a wonderful ingredient for those in search of a powerful soother.


HOW TO USE YONI OIL? After showering, or bathing you can use Yoni Oil to moisturize your outer feminine area.

Eternal use only. Please avoid inserting Yoni Oils into yourself unless you are working with a holistic womb health specialist. If you have a sensitivity of any kind do not use. If you feel any irritation discontinue usage.

Ingredients include - Olive oil, coconut oil, Jojoba oils, and Almond oil. Therapeutic non-GMO essential oils of Peppermint, neem, red raspberry, Lavender, and Tea Tree are used.

This oil is packaged in high quality glass and is a full 2 Ounces. This oil is naturally antibacterial/anti-fungal. Our Yoni Oil is filled with oils that promote women's health.

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