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"Nag Champa Ignites" Candle

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    Nag Champa scented candle with roses this candle is perfect for meditation and yoga as well as easing anxiety and stress.

    Nag Champa is created using a variety of exotic ingredients. It is made up of frangipani (a type of flower) and sandalwood. Although the champa flower is the base, there are other spices, oils, gums, and resins used to enhance the scent and hold the incense together. These include cinnamon, French lavender, and black pepper.

    There are a multitude of health benefits that promote the use of Nag Champa. Medical effects from burning the incense include relaxing the mind, as well as making you perception of temperature warmer. This means that if you use nag champa, you are more likely to feel warmer than if you had not used nag champa.

    You can burn Nag Champa resins, oils, or incense for a variety of reasons. Traditionally, its biggest uses were for times of contemplation, meditation, and spiritual development. If you want to meditate, light the end of the incense or candle and place it in an incense holder. It should last for duration of your meditation. In addition, because it features Sandalwood as a main ingredient, it makes the perfect smudging companion. As you clear, cleanse, and purify your space, it will sanctify the surrounding area.

    The benefits of NAG CHAMPA is a fragrance of Indian origin, based on a combination of plumeria and sandalwood. It is used to relax, calm the nerves, sanctify or purify an area, spiritual matters, best for meditation.

    How to do the Candle Meditation

    Before you light a candle for your meditation, take a minute to prepare the space in which you will meditate. Turn down the lights or draw your window shades closed. You'll find this meditation much easier to do in a room that's not too bright and you'll avoid eyestrain too, so make sure the room you are in is dimly lit and at a comfortable temperature.

    Now light a candle and position it at eye level, or slightly below. It’s OK to look down at the candle slightly, but make sure that your head is not tilted too far forward and that your body is not slumping.

    It’s important that you are able to maintain a comfortable upright posture that feels natural to you. Take a seat in your favourite chair, or sit cross legged on the floor, and make sure that your candle is at least 50cm away from you, otherwise it may appear too bright.

    Now simply stare at the candle and allow the image of the flame to occupy your mind.

    At first, your mind will probably wander about and your eyes will resist your efforts to keep them still. This is normal and it will gradually ease as the meditation progresses, so don’t be too concerned if this happens to you.

    You may also find that your eyes water a little. Again, this is normal and it usually dissipates quite quickly. If distractions like these arise, simply return your attention to the candle flame and let them go.

    A great way to deepen a candle meditation is to imagine that you are breathing the light of the candle in and out of yourself. You don’t need to perform a complex visualization exercise to do this, just keep your eyes fixed on the candle flame, and allow your natural breathing rhythm to fill your awareness.

    Casually sense that the light of the candle is flowing into you as you breathe in and out. Feel a sense of purity and clarity infusing with your body and mind as you absorb yourself in this meditation.


    Candle Safety Instructions

    1. Never leave a burning candle unattended.

    2. Never use water to extinguish a candle; this is extremely dangerous as it can cause excess heat and steam, which may cause the container/glass to explode.

    3. Ensure wicks are upright and trimmed to 7mm (1/4 inch) during use and each time the candle is relit.

    4. Never move a burning candle. Ensure the candle is extinguished, wax is solid and the jar is cold before handling.

    5. Candle tins may become hot. Burn candles on an appropriate flat heat-resistant surface.

    6. Avoid using in drafty areas, near an open window, air duct or fan.

    7. Keep away from children, pets and flammable materials.

    8. Do not use the lid to extinguish the candle.

    9. Don't burn a candle all the way down.

    Extinguish the flame if it comes too close to the holder or container

    6oz candle 

    crackiling wooden wick

    soy wax