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Feminine Tightening Gel

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    Includes: Three gels only use 2 a week


    1. Clean yourself before your bedtime, lying down and raise the hips

    2. Remove the protective cap of applicator, and gently insert the pre-filled applicator  only as far as it will comfortable go.

    3. Remove applicator.

    4. Wash hands and discard the applicator

    5. Keep hips raise 5-10 minutes.

    6. Discharge and product will run down so make sure to have on lining in underwear.

    7. You might get a tingling cool feeling for about 5 minutes

    It does stop after - Use before bed - Don’t get up walking 

    Ingredients: Sophora flavescents, Cnidium fruit, Poria, saffron, stemona, safflower, aloe,R-factor, borneol, poly(hexamethylene biguanide)

    Aloe - Helps with dryness and tightens feminine muscles, anti-fungal properties

    Cnidium fruit: Increasing sexual performance and sex drive. Infections, Increasing energy, Skin conditions including itchy skin, rashes, eczema, and ringworm, when applied to the skin.

    Poria extract MUSHROOM: Supports collagen-depleted skin, loss of firmness

    Saffron: helps with menstrual symptoms pain reliever fights cancer cells and tumor growth anti-inflammatory properties

    Stemona Sessilifoloa, Regulates blood flow and relaxes tense muscles ( which causes menstrual cramps) in the womb while killing bacteria off. helps with itching

    Safflower: soothes dry skin, fights inflammation


    1. Do not use the gel during menstruation.

    2. If you are pregnant or if you are a virgin, avoid using the gel.

    3. If you are allergic to any ingredients used in making the gel, do not use.

    4. This product is only for women.

    5. This product is one-time use only, packing damage is prohibited to use.

    6. The gel can not be used to prevent disease.

    7. Use weekly if needed but not the week of your cycle

    8. Only intended for feminine use. Do not take orally

    9. After the insertion of gel, do not have intercourse.

    10. Doing Kegel Exercises while using tightening gel will increase your results.

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