"Bless This Home" - Intention Candle

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"Bless This Home" - Intention Candle 8oz

Scented with the sweet warmth of Pineapple & Sage - Bless and Protect your home and all who reside within!

This Candle helps remove negative energy from your home and fill it with positive energy.
Bless This Home Spell Candles power is enhanced since I make it with positive intentions for you. With a blend of herbs and oils, particularly with an Earth element and a Fire element.

This Candle will help bring security and stability into your home during or after times of trouble.
A HOUSE BLESSING is a fantastic addition to your prayers for family blessedness and serenity.

It is vital to shield our lives from external impairments and to safeguard our health and home.
This Spell Candle is an effective way of banishing negativity from a home and adding a wall of safe energy.


*All Candles available on ApothecarybyMariza.com are intended to be decorative in nature. If you choose to light the candle please remove all herbs, flowers, stones, and anything else that could ignite of cause a fire or burn hazard. Please exercise caution.  Apothecary by Mariza and/or Affiliates cannot be held responsible for the end user's actions, injuries, property or damages under any and all circumstances.