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‘Arinna’ Sun Goddess Altar Candle

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    ‘Arinna’ Sun Goddess Altar Candle

    A buncle of two tangerine tinged altar candles to show tribute to the brightest star in the sky. Topped with chrysanthemum flowers and scented with vanilla & orange essential oil, our Arinna altar candles smell akin to a creamsicle.

    Ingredients: beeswax, vanilla, orange essential oil, chrysanthemum, alkanet root.

    *These candles are made with all natural plant dye and are easily faded by the sun. Be sure to keep them away from sunlight.

    These have not been magically charged so they can be used for your spell of choice or offering without the clashing of energies. Although a spell for abundance/growth/prosperity is recommended

    Altar candles may sit directly on the altar or be placed in tall stands to the side of or behind the altar. For safety, altar candles are secured in some type of candle holder which may be simple or elaborate. To prevent wax from dripping, candles are often topped by a "candle follower", a short tube made of brass, glass or some other non-flammable material. OR they are self standing but I would always suggest securing them by heating the bottom of the candle with a lighter, and securing it in place with the hot wax.


    To the three elements of a lit altar candle, some writers attached a symbolism related to Jesus Christ: the beeswax or other material symbolizing his body, the wick his soul, and the flame his divinity.

    Also, the symbolism of prayer has been connected with candles; the burning flame of the candle represents the prayer that rises to God or Divine.

    Due to the herbal nature of these candles please, trim the wick (if needed) before lighting, make sure that they burn at least 10cm apart, place on a fire proof dish to catch any burning herbs. And never leave a burning candle unattended.