Apothecary by Mariza - Skin Brightening Turmeric scrub: 2020

Apothecary by Mariza - Skin Brightening Turmeric scrub: 2022

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Hey everybody it's Mariza, from Apothecary by Mariza!! Welcome, I'm really glad you're here. I want to talk to you about some of my best sellers, my turmeric products!. Now all of my turmeric products are made from home. I make them myself and I really take a lot of pride in making these products, because they really help a lot of people with their skin conditions and they work really, really well, so it's really also something I love to brag about!


Today I have three products that I want to talk to you about, my collection of turmeric products. I have a ginger turmeric scrub and it smells kind of like pumpkin. It is VERY moisturizing it has cane sugar in it so it gives you that natural skin exfoliation and it helps to take away any discoloration any blemishes and it also cleans the skin really well. I suggest only using twice a week because you have to give your skin time to heal after exfoliating. It sloughs off all the dead skin so then you will be able to regenerate new skin.


The more consistently that you use it the better the results. You'll see the difference in the discoloration less of the little pimples that you may usually have.


I also highly suggest using these on your BOOTY as well. For those of you who suffer little pimples or blemishes on your butt. Hey, you guys that is so normal! It's really just from us wearing bikinis bathing suits and then sitting on surfaces that are not very clean.


Just like your face, the skin ON YOUR BUTT is sensitive as well. When those pimples go away sometimes they leave scars or discoloration. Turmeric and Ginger Sugar Scrub is a great product to use on your butt cheeks in order to get the skin soft nice and all one color and alleviateย ย any breakouts.


I suggest using my turmeric soap and scrub products on your booty, face & your legs. Pretty much anywhere that you have some discoloration.


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